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Monday, 14 May 2018

Sometimes we hide who we really are from the people we should be sharing things with.  I spent some time talking with friend about community in Church.  I had to admit that I have felt like a "disposable" friend, even with people from Church.  In the past few years I really felt like the outside looking in on so many things.  I haven't felt enfolded.  I have tried to get into community but it seems like I don't fit in.  I know I am not the only one.  

Church is a weird place because though it should be the place we are truly open and authentic about our brokenness it is the place where we are exactly the opposite.  When people come and are open about their brokenness they make us uncomfortable.  It's not them.  It's us.  I think the Western Church has sold us a false sense of who we are.   We want people to think we are perfect and holy in our Sunday best.  We smile when we should be crying out.  We make small talk when we need to be really talking about the real things in life.  

Church isn't for the perfect.  It's a hospital for the broken.  WE ARE ALL BROKEN.  I can't say that enough.  We all have things in our past and present that challenge us.  We all have things that we need help whether it's physical, emotional or spiritual.  We just want to know that no matter what we share or do, that people will love us anyway.  Jesus loves us through all our pain and shame.  As believers we are his representatives and we are called to love as Jesus loved us.  So yes, we need to love everyone anyway......

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