FMF - Privilege

Friday, 9 February 2018

I always tell people it is a honour and privilege to serve as an Elder in our church.  It is not something I have every taken lightly.  I acknowledge that I am probably not the best Elder in the bunch but I know that God has chosen me for a "time like this."

I always say  God has a sense of humour since I am an Elder and I truly believe God chose me as our church choses Elders through lots.  I don't believe in chance, fate or coincidence.  I believe God choses every name that He places in leadership at our church.  We may not always get along but we always want to see the Church of Jesus be enriched and grow spiritually.  

Lately our council has come under attack.  While it seems like individuals, I believe it is the enemy. Since I am the Chair of council I have had to be involved in much of the discussion surrounding this and it hurts and I have grown weak.  I actually almost quit.  I had my letter drafted.  After some amazing advice from friends and a time of rest from the situation I have regrouped and found space to breath.  

Leadership in the Church is hard.  But it is a privilege that I don't take lightly.....

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