Caffeinated Randomness - February 3, 2017

Saturday, 3 February 2018

This last week has been an emotional up and down.  Things are crazy and in all of that I have never felt closer to God.  

There has been lots of things that I have been doing and most of them on the phone.  I am a talker and I have probably been on the phone at least 15 hours this week alone and not all of it for personal talk. Yes my Evil Twin and I are still talking at least once a day but that is the fun conversation.  I love talking to her because we can go from talking about misogyny in the Church to John Piper to Francis Chan to a great sale at one of our favourite stores in 0.5 seconds flat.  

This week I thought I would share some of my favourite sites lately.
Pinterest:  I think it self explanatory.  As I have dived back into blogging I have realized that I have forgotten so much.  Some of it is coming back slowly and there is a lot that has changed and I am playing catch up.  Pinterest is great for searching for sites that explain things or share ideas.  It has been so helpful.  I was able to get this Blogspot template for free by doing a quick search until I figure out what kind of design I want or if I even want to create my own design. 

I will note that blogging has changed so much that when I first blogged unless you were wanting to build a large platform or sell something, you didn't use Wordpress.  Now it seems that the norm is to use WordPress.  I am however, going to stay with what I know and am familiar with.

PicMonkey:  When I was first blogging there was program that we all used and they we would up load to Photobucket to get the html code so that we could post on our blogs or create favicons and other blogging materials.  That has all changed and I am now using PicMonkey and I am loving it.  Just look at our Caffeinated Randomness picture.  I just went into their templates and played around a bit the same with my picture on the side.  I love when people have done all the hard work and all I have to do is jump in and add or subtract to make it my own.  I am hoping to become more familiar with it so that I can edit some of my photos or create my own Bible verse prints.  

Plan To Eat:  This site has NOTHING to do with blogging unless you are blogging about food.  This site is a meal planning, recipe organizing machine.  You can enter in recipes you have or add some of the ones you pinned on the aforementioned Pinterest.  If your recipe is added from the site it will actually generate a grocery list for the time you want.  

Every Black Friday they offer a membership for 1/2 off.  It is well worth full price though.  

I hope everyone has a great week.  I am now going to go call someone while I search Pinterest and upload recipes to PlantoEat.  I wonder what I can do to get PicMonkey to help.

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