Friday, 2 February 2018

It is hard to agree with each other.  We all come with different backgrounds and perspectives.   We all come with motives, some productive and good and others ....not so much.  As believers we are called to work in unity together.  This doesn't mean that we have to always agree 100% of the time but it does mean that we have to focused in unity on the end goal, that of spreading the Gospel message.

I am on church council.  Lately not everyone in our congregation is in agreement with how we feel lead to move the church forward to do the hard work of the Gospel.  Some of the dissension in our congregation has come over money, others values, and lastly some of it personal.  It is hard to be Chair and not take the attacks personally and attacks is what they are.  Our enemy would love nothing less than to see us divided and in disagreement.

My friend was counselling me in disagreement in the church and told the story of an older gentleman who was in disagreement with his council's direction.  It went to at vote and his side lost.  Later at a work bee that had to do with the disagreement, he was there helping.  She said to him "I am surprised you are here".  His response "I may not be in agreement, but I will concede to the decision." .....STOP

You were all called to travel on the same road and in the same direction, so stay together, both outwardly and inwardly. You have one Master, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who rules over all, works through all, and is present in all. Everything you are and think and do is permeated with Oneness. Ephesians 4:4-6 The Message

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  1. Powerful story, Michelle. It takes great humility to support in practical ways a group decision that you didn't agree with.

    1. I know. It was very convicting and uplifting. Thanks for visiting.


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