Music Monday - Miracles

Monday, 22 January 2018

A few years ago I was honoured and privileged to be a delegate at our denomination's annual meeting (aka Synod).  Really, I was the person who actually volunteered as no one else was.  There was a some quick texting to hubby before hand and then volunteering.  Don't think of it as Katniss from Hunger Games volunteering, rather imagine it as the person in the last row putting up their hand slowly and offering to go be the sacrifice.    

The reason I am telling you this is that once we landed and I was transferred to our hotel (ok, it was actually a college dormitory), I immediately put on my Spotify account and played a playlist that I listened to quite often (Coffeehouse Chill).  This song played right away and I sang it at the top of lungs for anyone and all to hear.  I worshipped God openly, freely, uninhibited by anything and everyone.  I am sure I scared people, but I usually do that anyway by my humour and loud, extrovert ways.  

This song always makes me sing loudly and freely.  It is how we should worship God.  With our whole hearts, minds and body.  We shouldn't be afraid of who will hear us or see us.  It is taking that comment "Dance like nobody is around" to new levels, but we should.  We honour God when we do it.  We connect with Him on a different level.  I have always felt worship music and singing a great way to pray.  In fact, during Synod I prayed over the assembly one evening and used the words of a worship song to do it.

This song also has lots of meaning for me.  As we walk through depression, autism, epilepsy, and the other many diagnosis in this household and the things that life throws at us, I need to be reminded sometimes of who God is.  He is the God of miracles.  He is able to do great things and little things.  He is the one who made the blind to see and the deaf to hear.  He is the one who does the impossible.  When we embrace that truth and trust in Him all things are possible.

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