Music Monday - Be Still

Monday, 29 January 2018

This weekend I had the amazing privilege to attend the Breakforth One Conference in Edmonton, Alberta.  This is the largest Christian Conference in Western Canada, if not all of Canada.  It is an amazing time of teaching and worship and prayer.  It was a time of refreshing and renewal for me.  Also a time of pruning and cutting and realizing hard truths.

I have to admit that conferences like this can be so uplifting but they are draining as well.  Sarah Bessey said it best during one of her sessions "I feel like I am drinking water from a firehose."  That is how I felt.  Through the amazing worship of Hillsong Worship and Ben Cantelon to simple leading of Steve Bell and Carolyn Arends to the teachings of Albert Tate, Levi Lusko, and Margret Feinberg. and the sessions with Sarah Bessey, Brian Haynes, Brady Josephson and Eddie Kaufholz, I felt a renewal and revival of my faith.  I will admit now that I am not a crier, unless watching sappy movies, but I cried so much this weekend in joy, in pain, in thanksgiving and humility.  The walls were broken and the spirit let out.  I am praying that this will remain the case for the rest of my life.  I long for this to be my reality.

Hillsong was amazing.  We were able to be just off stage for their second show (a blessing from the conference for assisting us with a 100 birthday message for one of our congregants while we were away).  I felt like a the two twenty somethings we came with who were dancing and jumping and singing.  I attempted to jump but it really just was me bending my knees in time (you ladies who have had three kids will know why). 

One song resonated with me all weekend.  It is a song Hillsong wrote in 2017 and so it is not on an album....yet.  It is a song about being still (now you know why it had my attention).  But in it's words it is a reminder of how we are to posture still..won't be afraid, find rest, don't strive, and watch......enjoy and be renewed by the words that are still filling me.

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  1. The conference sounds wonderful! We only get to experience those type of events ever so often - which I suppose is a good thing (you can only drink from a firehouse so much!! Love that!) but isn't it wonderful to have the spirit flowing in us, on us and through us!! So special...

    I was also reading your previous post...and want to check out that book about the Women of Duck Dynasty. Sounds worth reading. Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you are having a great week -


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