Friday, 19 January 2018

This week I joined a new Bible Study at another church.  It wasn't because I needed to do anymore studies.  I have so many lined up on my shelves or my kindle.  It was because I needed to get out and meet new people.  

During the introductions, many of the women discussed not being able to do Bible Studies on their own.  That they needed a group to be intentional about their study time.  I had to admit to them that I don't need a group, just a time.  Being intentional to me is carving out a time everyday to study.  There are days I do it and there are days I sleep in and hope to do it later (normally it doesn't get done.)  

We all need God's Word.  We just need to be intentional about how we are going to study it.  Whether it is joining a study and being accountable to a group or carving out time in your day.  I have read that if you actually schedule time, you will do it.  Last week I wrote about being a productivity group with Crystal Paine.  This week we worked on Evening schedules.  Part of mine is to do a daily To Do list with times.  If I map out my time, I am able to carve time to study and even free time to do some more reading.  Again, being intentional.  It doesn't matter how you do it, you just need to do it......

I am taking part in Five Minute Friday.  Come check it out.


  1. I agree, being intentional makes a big difference. If I am not intentional about time to read the Bible and spend with God it's far too easy for it to get taken over by other things. Visiting from FMF #53.

  2. I think it is fantastic that you know yourself so well. You seem to work to your strengths and set boundaries to help you accomplish your goals. Thank you for intentionally sharing your thoughts here with us. Visiting as your neighbor at FMF #30


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