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Sunday, 28 January 2018

My ILRBF (In Life Real Bloggy Friend) Andrea used to post Caffeinated Randomness on Fridays. It was a time where we could post random thoughts, posts, pictures.  I continued on with this even when she ceased to blog.  At the time it was a link.   At this poimt I am going to use the title and rebrand as my weekly follow up.  I am not going to have link.  I am going to share things that I am reading, doing, watching, enjoy, get my drift.

This week I am reading....

I will admit that I LOVE Duck Dynasty, so does my social justice loving teen.  We love the family and the comrarderie.  We love that they speak about their faith and live it out.  I miss Duck Dynasty.  This week I listened to Focus on the Family with Jace and Missy Robertson.  Then I went to the library and saw this book.  I had no alternative but to pick it up.  It is simply wonderful.  It is so nice to read a book about and by 5 women who deeply love each other no matter what and respect each other.  They are about building each other up and loving each other through the broken amd messy.

What I am watching....

As you can see, the complete opposite of the Robertson family.  This is about an improverished family in southside Chicago.  IT IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.  This TV show is not Christain and should be rated R, if it isn't already.  I find myself fast forwarding though many scenes.  At the core these are a group of siblings trying to stay together no matter what and trying to survive.  My childhood, while not as crazy as their lives, was a train wreck.  I know what it is like to raise your siblings because of parents who don't.

I am going to...

While you are reading this I will be at Breakforth.  I am so excited to get into the word and worship with 1000s of believers.  I am excited to see Hillsong.  I will be spending the day with Sarah Bessey.  I will attempt not to stalk her but NO promises.  I read her book Jesus Feminist and as a woman leader in my church I feel it so important to share our stories and allow women to use the gifts that God has uniquely given us.   

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend.  I will hopefully share some of my escapades on Monday.  

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